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What happens if I'm selected for audit?

Selection for audit

Each profession renews its registration every two years. When you renew your registration, we ask you to complete a declaration to confirm that you have met our standards, including the standards for CPD.

We audit a random sample of 2.5 per cent of registrants in each profession at every renewal and ask these individuals to send us information and evidence that they have met the CPD standards. We review this percentage regularly and we may change it in the future.

We will only audit registrants who have been registered for two years or more. This means that if you are a recent graduate, we will not choose you for audit when you renew your registration for the first time. Similarly, if you have had a break in registration and have just come back onto the Register, we will not choose you the first time you renew your registration.

The audit selection is computer-generated at random. As CPD is an ongoing requirement while you are registered, it is possible that you could be picked for audit on multiple occasions.

Completing the audit

If you are picked as part of the random sample for audit, we will send you information about completing your CPD profile. You will need to complete and send us your profile by your renewal deadline date. If circumstances mean that you cannot take part in an audit, you can make a request to defer your audit.

You will have approximately three months in which to complete and send us your profile. We will also remind you approximately one month before the deadline. You can find examples of completed CPD profiles on our website.

If you do not send us a CPD profile or any information we ask for as part of the audit process, we may remove you from the Register. You would be able to appeal this decision. You also need to renew your registration as you normally would – by completing the renewal declarations and paying the registration fee. If you do not renew your registration, we will remove you from the Register.

We may not be able to assess your profile by the end of your registration cycle. If that happens and you have completed your renewal, we will renew your registration in the normal way so that you can continue to practise. We will then continue to assess your profile.


We recognise that, due to unavoidable circumstances, some registrants may need to defer (put off) their audit. For example, they may not be able to complete a CPD profile as a result of illness, family or personal circumstances or maternity leave. 'Deferral' offers those who cannot complete their CPD profiles due to circumstances beyond their control the opportunity to stay registered.

Registrants who would like to defer must write to us as soon as possible, giving their reasons for deferring and evidence to support it.

Anyone accepted for deferral is automatically included in the next round of CPD audits for their profession.

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