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Building the evidence based of regulation

The strategic intent for 2016-2020 includes an objective which is about making sure we are an evidence informed regulator. We do this through commissioning research into issues relevant to our role. The outcomes of research help us make better decisions, drive continuous improvement and assist us in engaging with stakeholders.

We have also published a research strategy for 2016-2020. This builds on the strategic intent to set some objectives for developing our work in this area further.

This section of the website presents the findings from the research commissioned or conducted by the HCPC since 2009.

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Title Date
Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - Connect review 01/12/2013
Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - service user and carer consultation 01/11/2013
Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - accessibility and understanding 01/05/2013
Understanding public protection 09/01/2013
Regulating ethics and conduct at the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine - 1960 to 2002 11/06/2012
Service user involvement in the design and delivery of education and training programmes leading to registration with the Health Professions Council 05/04/2012
Service user feedback tools - an evidence review and Delphi consultation for the Health Professions Council 21/11/2011
Professionalism in healthcare professionals 26/10/2011
Mediation research 01/10/2011
Alternative mechanisms for resolving disputes: a literature review 22/03/2011
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