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Building the evidence based of regulation

The strategic intent for 2016-2020 includes an objective which is about making sure we are an evidence informed regulator. We do this through commissioning research into issues relevant to our role. The outcomes of research help us make better decisions, drive continuous improvement and assist us in engaging with stakeholders.

We have also published a research strategy for 2016-2020. This builds on the strategic intent to set some objectives for developing our work in this area further.

This section of the website presents the findings from the research commissioned or conducted by the HCPC since 2009.

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Title Date
The Indicative Sanctions Policy - the Public's View 22/03/2018
People like us? Understanding complaints about paramedics and social workers 03/10/2017
Measuring professionalism as a multi-dimensional construct - Professionalism and conscientiousness in healthcare professionals (study 2) 26/05/2016
Perceptions and experiences of the HCPC's approach to continuing professional development standards and audits 27/01/2016
Preparation for practice: The role of the HCPC's standards of education and training in ensuring that newly qualified professionals are fit to practise 27/01/2016
Standards of proficiency for social workers in England - service user and carer input into the review 21/01/2016
The making of a multi-professional regulator - The HCPC 2001-2015 16/10/2015
Report on the findings of the HCPC In Focus feedback survey 2015 07/08/2015
The costs of fitness to practise - a study of the Health and Care Professions Council 14/05/2015
Preventing small problems from becoming big problems in health and care 12/02/2015
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