Our redesigned web hub for members of the public

08/09/2017 - 1:45

Fulfilling our role of protecting the public

Over the past few months, we have been updating the information on our website aimed at members of the public and those most likely to use the services of HCPC-registered professionals. It is important that members of the public understand what we do and can access our services, should they ever need to.


Visit www.hcpc-uk.org/audiences/membersofthepublic.


The hub's aim is to make sure members of the public:

• understand the HCPC’s public protection role;
• are aware of the HCPC Register and the importance of checking a professional you may use is registered;
• know what they can expect from their health and care professional if they become a service user;
• understand the types of concerns we deal with and how to raise a concern if appropriate.



These revised pages outline what we do and who were are as well as giving more information about the Register, raising a concern and how to get involved with the work we do.


Be Sure

Our Be Sure campaign highlights the importance of checking the Register to make sure the health and care professional you are using is HCPC registered.


What to expect from your health and care professional

This campaign is about making sure the level of care you receive from a HCPC registered professional meets our standards. Read the leaflet for more information, or watch the video on YouTube.


Comments and feedback on the hub are welcome over email: web@hcpc-uk.org.