HCPC publishes Education annual report 2016

27/07/2017 - 13:16

HCPC publishes Education annual report 2016

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has today published our Education annual report covering the period of 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016. This report provides statistical information and analysis and is designed to highlight key trends and what caused them, in particular important developments in the education sector.

In 2015-16, our monitoring work increased significantly. We assessed 794 programmes (22 per cent increase on last year) through annual monitoring and 485 programmes through major change (a 17 per cent rise).

This is mainly because over the last five years we have seen an increase of 6.2 per cent in the total number of approved programmes. At the end of this year there were 1060 programmes. The overall increase has mainly resulted from our regulation of social workers in England  and changes in prescribing legislation allowing chiropodists / podiatrists and physiotherapists to prescribe independently.

There has also been an increase in the number of programmes proposing new models of delivery. Fourteen per cent of approval visits were to programmes delivered by organisations working in partnership, such as universities and government agencies – there were none in the previous year.

This year, new funding models in the sector also had an impact on the volume of monitoring work. 323 programmes across 9 professions will be affected by NHS bursary funding reforms, and 33 per cent of these submitted major changes. 

Despite these increases, the number of approved programmes is predicted to remain stable meaning our activity is unlikely to increase dramatically in 2016–17.

Abigail Gorringe, Director of Education at the HCPC, said:

 “The report shows that we carried out more approval and monitoring work this year than in any previous academic year. Despite this, and the impact of sector developments, improvements to our assurance systems and processes have made sure that the work was carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

We hope the changes we have made to the report improves understanding of our approval and monitoring process and is accessible and relevant to anyone wanting to know more about our work.”

To download the Education annual report, full data set and infographic visit http://www.hcpc-uk.org/publications/index.asp?id=1386#publicationSearchResults