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HCPC comments on the BBC Panorama programme Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed

01/05/2014 - 11:00

HCPC comment

Marc Seale, Chief Executive and Registrar and Anna van der Gaag, Chair of the Health and Care Professions Council comment on the BBC Panorama’s programme ‘Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed’

Yet again, we are presented with evidence of appalling treatment of vulnerable individuals in our care homes. Whilst we recognise that the vast majority of people working within this sector are dedicated individuals working in difficult circumstances, there is no individual regulation at present to ensure minimum standards of care.

We believe the time to act decisively is now. The Law Commissions have published draft legislation that, if adopted by government, would enable statutory regulation to be introduced for occupational groups.

The government is strengthening mechanisms for training, inspection and certification. These are a step in the right direction but on their own are not enough. There must be a system of personal accountability in place to address poor care. Our proposals include enforceable standards and the ability to stop the incompetent and abusive from working in the sector. This would deliver more effective protection for the elderly and most vulnerable members of our society. 

We fully support changes in legislation that would make our proposals a reality. We will continue to work with government and all those concerned to deliver robust public protection.    


Further information

Full details of the HCPC's proposals are set out in our policy statement - see section 4.8 http://www.hcpc-uk.org/assets/documents/10003F1AHCPCpolicystatement-RegulatingadultsocialcareworkersinEngland.pdf

The Law Commissions final report and draft legislation sets out the recommendation and proposals to introduce barring schemes - see p66 and p359 (part7) http://lawcommission.justice.gov.uk/publications/Healthcare-professions.htm

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