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What happens if the case is referred to a hearing?

If a panel decides that there is a case to answer, we will arrange for the case to be heard at a hearing.

The case will be heard by either:

  • A panel of the Conduct and Competence Committee (for cases about misconduct, lack of competence, convictions or cautions, determinations by another regulator and barring decisions);
  • A panel of the Health Committee (for cases where the health of the registrant may be affecting their ability to practise); or
  • Another panel of the Investigating Committee (for cases where an entry to the Register may have been gained fraudulently or incorrectly).

We will usually ask solicitors to act for us and they will take witness statements if these are needed. We will give you the details of the solicitors who will act for us and they will contact you or members of your staff if they need to speak to you to take a formal statement.

It can sometimes take some time to reach a hearing. It is difficult for us to provide specific guidance on timings since each case is different. The case manager will write to you regularly and keep you informed of the progress of the case.

For information about the hearing process please click here to go to the HCPTS website.

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