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Regulation of further groups

This section includes information about groups that may be registered by the HCPC in the future.

This area of our work is often dependent upon changes in Government policy so will be updated on a regular basis to reflect any changes. If you require any further information please email or call 0207 840 9815.

The most up-to-date statement of Government policy on professional regulation is 'Enabling excellence – Autonomy and accountability for health care workers, social workers and social care workers'. This says that the Government will in future only consider regulating further groups ‘in exceptional circumstances’, where there is a ‘compelling case’ and where voluntary registers are considered insufficient to manage the risk involved.

The Professional Standards Authority runs a scheme to accredit voluntary registers held by professional bodies and others against its Standards for Accredited Registers. You can information about the scheme and the registers the PSA has accredited on its website here.

In 2015, Ben Gummer, MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State) made a written ministerial statement. This said that the Government was committed to reform of the regulation of health and (in England) social care professionals. The Government plans to consult on its future plans for changes to legislation and we anticipate this will also include its approach to regulating further groups in the future.

In January 2016, the Government announced that it intended to set up a new social work body in England and that, in time, this body would take on our responsibilities for the regulation of social workers in England. More information is available on our website here.

The links on the left provide information about the regulation of professions / occupations which this or previous governments have announced they intended to regulate. Information is also provided about the ‘new professions’ process we previously ran to decide whether to make recommendations for the regulation of further groups. The policy statement below explains the Council’s current position on the extension of regulation to further groups.

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